4p’s – The Priority Propane Pre-buy Program

This program offers the absolute lowest price available!
Pre-buy your propane in the summer to guarantee quantity and price for the entire winter. Priority Propane will store your purchased propane and deliver it to you as you need it all winter long! This year’s price is just $1.699 per gallon!!    Sign up for this program June 1st – July 31st

5p’s – The Priority Propane Price Protection Program

This program allows you to pay just $50.00 per year to guarantee your price will not exceed a certain price per gallon. The 2018-2019 cap is just $1.899. Of course, you may pay less, but in the event of a mid-winter price spike – your completely protected!   Sign up for this program May 1st – July 31st


12p’s – The Priority Propane 12 Payments Program

Ok – This one doesn’t actually have 12 P’s in the title, but it does have 12 even monthly payments so you never have to worry about getting a high propane bill again! We divide your estimated annual usage by 12, and you begin your monthly payment is in May. This program offers a 2018-2019 price cap of $1.899!   Sign up for this program May 1st – June 30th

Missed our programs cut off this year? Call or email us today and request that you be added to the mailing list next year. 417-777-3090