Harmony Burners and Matching Log Sets


  • Meatier Log Sets and Taller Flames
  • Choose Wildwood Refractory, Super Wildwood Refractory, or Canyon Ceramic Fiber Log Set
  • 24-inch (38,000 Btu) and 30-inch (40,000 Btu) models in Vented/Vent-Free
  • Choose Regular or Expanded Ember Bed – an extra inch of glowing embers
  • Millivolt models include an on/off switch – operate with Empire remote controls and thermostats
  • Intermittent Pilot models include a variable flame height thermostat remote control
  • Variable Flame models include a variable flame height remote control
  • Choose LP or Natural Gas
  • Burners and Log Sets Made in USA

Ventless Room Heaters



 Choosing a home heating system is a tremendous opportunity to save energy and make your carbon footprint smaller. Propane systems give you all the performance and versatility you need — central or zone, furnace or boiler — and the ability to heat your home cost-effectively even if you live off the grid.

 Call for price and installation estimates.

Satisfied customer


“I broke my pre-buy into 3 payments for no additional cost. That was a real lifesaver to someone like me on a fixed income.”
-April Cole

“Priority doesn’t have any hidden fees. My old company used to charge me $7.50 a month be be a member of their monthly billing program, and there was a $5.95 fee every time they delivered gas. That added up to over $100 a year I saved just in fees. Thanks Robby”
-Fred Stoneking